Four decades of midstream services growth and expertise

Who We Are

Since 1974, PFC Midstream has enjoyed steady growth in the midstream services industry.

What began as a marketing company of principally propane and butane has expanded into a diversified midstream services company that has constructed, acquired and sold thousands of miles of natural gas pipelines throughout the Western, Central and Eastern United States.

Today, as a result of outstanding service and well-situated assets throughout the highest energy-producing regions in the U.S., many of our earliest customers remain. Our passion for excellence, together with our shareholders’ vision for sustainable and responsible growth, drives our business.

We currently market natural gas throughout the Southern and Central United States for independent producers of all sizes.

Our Midstream Service Companies

PFC Midstream companies provide wholesale energy and midstream services to producers and end users of natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oil. The PFC Midstream brand includes the following companies:

  • Petroleum Fuels Company
  • Gulf Gas Utilities Co.
  • IGT – Austin, Inc.
  • Petroleum Fuels Midstream Holding LLC
  • Petroleum Fuels Offshore LLC
  • Bradley Gas Gathering Company LLC
  • Producers Gas Gathering LLC

History of Growth and Investment

Company builds its first natural gas pipeline, a 15-mile stretch of pipeline into Waxahachie, TX.
Founded IGT – Austin, Inc. Delivery of natural gas to end users in the Austin, TX area begins.
Market expansion of Gulf Gas Utilities’ in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.
Acquired first gathering systems from Texas Southeastern, which have a 650-mile footprint in the Eagle Ford basin and counties near the Gulf and U.S. - Mexico border.
Became original investor, owner and operator of the 270-mile Ramsey System in West Texas’ Permian Basin. Sold interest in 2011.
Acquired and began operating the Bradley System, a 12-mile gathering system in Lafayette, AR.
Acquired and began operating Louisiana Offshore System, a 17-mile natural gas pipeline located over 90 miles offshore in the West Cameron blocks.
Acquired and began operating Columbus system, a 24-mile natural gas pipeline in Colorado County, TX and Turkey Creek system, a 14-mile natural gas pipeline in Fort Bend County, TX
Acquired 1.75 pipeline in Jasper County, MISS